Baci Ice Cream without Nutella

By Ms.Gourmet on November 30, 2009 10:35 PM
The other day I was at the Mediterranean Wholesaler stocking up on some olive oil, Parmesan, tins of San Marzano tomatoes, Limoncello and Marsala. I have been shopping at the wholesaler for the last ten years or so and both Hoover and Fussy often tag along as they love it there. They especially love to sit down at the café mid-shop and have a slice of pizza or a bombolini filled with chocolate custard.

On this particular occasion I was unencumbered and child-less so I was able to chat to Mario in the wine section about how I could get my hands on some Sicilian Cannellino (thanks Mona I can't find it anywhere hint hint) and I was also able to have a decent, uninterrupted conversation with Sandra from the cakes section.

Anyway one thing led to another and Mario, Sandra and I ended up on the subject of 'Hello' - gelato! I told Sandra about my to-die-for Gelato di Cioccolato del Cipriani and then she gave me her secret Baci ice cream recipe without Nutella.

Yes, you read correctly *without* Nutella!

I've always wanted to make Baci ice cream, but all the recipes I have googled use Nutella. Nothing against Nutella - truly we love the stuff and we even participated in World Nutella Day this year. It's just that in my humble opinion I have always thought there had to be a better way to achieve that heavenly chocolate - hazelnut combination.

So my dear friends without further ado, I give you Sandra's secret Baci ice cream recipe made with Perugina bitter cocoa and with Relanghe brittle hazelnut nougat, both of which you can readily get from the Mediterranean Wholesaler in Brunswick.


Sandra's Baci Ice Cream


600ml of full fat organic milk

600ml of organic cream, heavy

½ cup of caster sugar

½ cup of brown sugar

75g bitter cocoa powder

150g of brittle hazelnut nougat


1. Put the milk, cream, sugar and nougat in a saucepan and over a medium heat slowly bring to the boil. Add the cocoa and cook for about 10 minutes or until the nougat has completely melted and stir frequently.

2. Transfer to a bowl and allow to cool completely. Place in an ice cream machine and freeze according to the manufacturer's instructions.


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