Today’s Toaster Ovens Will Make You Want To Cook More Often

If you are like me, then using a full sized oven every day seems like a huge waste. Sure, it is big enough to accommodate huge meals, but how often am I really going to need cook a full sized turkey. Most of the time I am preparing meals for 1 to 3 people and waiting for a big range oven to heat up is not all that efficient. This is why I decided to invest into a much smaller and easier to use countertop toaster oven. Not only do things get done a lot quicker, but I am also able to cook anything that I normally would in my bigger oven.

I end up saving time and money and still end up with great tasting food that friends and family enjoy. There are a lot of uses for a toaster oven. This is perhaps the best purchase I made in my new home and I actually enjoy spending more time in my kitchen. Whether you decide to get a standard toaster oven or you go for the best convection oven currently available, getting one of these small appliances for your home can really help you get more out of your time cooking.

Top Rated Oven Choices

There are a number of high quality small ovens to choose from that perform great depending on what you need. If you just need something to reheat pizza or make toast then there is no reason to spend a ton of money. If you are looking for something to prepare dishes every day for your family then there are some options that won’t break the bank. We have studied some of the recent reviews to find the best toaster oven 2018. Here are some of the most recommend options for your kitchen.

Breville Smart Ovens

Personally, we love just about every appliance made by Breville. They are solidly constructed, look ultra modern, and they perform terrific in the kitchen. Their line of “Smart” ovens are no different. These toaster ovens are extremely versatile and have the latest cooking technology to take a lot of the guess work out of the equation. With internal sensors, automatic temperature control, and up to 10 different presets, a Breville oven can really help elevate your cooking skill.

These machines also get superb ratings from users which is why they are some of the most popular toaster ovens on the market. They are a little pricey, but if you can afford it then this is the can’t miss direction to go.

Oster Toaster Ovens

For a budget-friendly and basic toaster oven, you cannot beat Oster. If you need something to defrost, reheat, make cookies, toast and some of the simpler cooking tasks, these ovens hit the mark. They are not the best option for more involved cooking, but they do the simple stuff really well. This option is extremely affordable which has made them a huge hit with amateur cooks. They are solid performers in the kitchen that will end up saving you both time and money.


This is another brand name that is synonymous with quality in the home. They make some terrific basic countertop ovens, but they have recently come out with some higher end models to compete with the likes of Cuisinart and Breville. The newer line has some of the features that owners crave such as an LCD display, convection cooking, automatic heat control, and fast preheating. They have really stepped up their offerings and now have countertop ovens that can truly replace most of the functions that your full sized oven can offer.

Cuisinart Ovens

This is another high end option for your cooking needs that is sure to please. Like Breville, Cuisinart has mastered some of the essential small kitchen appliances that every home needs. Their toaster ovens are no exception. They have a wide range of models that cover just about every budget. From basic to state of the art convection ovens. Their latest line of countertop convection ovens happens to be their best as they compete with Breville. With a super sleek LCD display, modern stainless steel styling, and advanced cooking technology, their best efforts have really paid off.

They have some patented features such as their “Exact Heat” system that takes all of the guesswork out of cooking and ensures that everything is evenly done. They also include 2 separate convection features which is unique to this class of oven. Their hard work and new design has already garnered it some exception ratings from owners. Now matter what you hope to get out of a new toaster oven, Cuisinart has a model that is perfect for you.

More Than Just A Toaster

The beauty of having one of these appliances in your kitchen is the extreme versatility that they can offer you. If you need something to cook a main course or you just need something to heat up some biscuits, a modern toaster oven has you covered. There really is no need to use a full sized oven anymore, and this in turn can wind up giving you a nice savings on your energy bill. If you like to spend time in your preparing delicious and healthy meals for your family, there is now a way to spend less time doing it. Take out some of the hassle by getting yourself a toaster oven.

Improving The Quality Of Your Diet With A Juicer

While we love to give into our ice cream cravings quite often, we also like to try and balance things out with fresh juice. We have had a juicer in our kitchen for years now and it is something that we highly recommend. It is wonderful to indulge ourselves in some of the decadent creations that we make, but it also can wreak havoc on our diets. Having the ability to at least get our daily dose of nutrients in a glass of freshly made fruit and vegetable juice is a good way to offset the worse part of our daily eating habits. A good foundation for juicing always starts with the juicer. Finding the right juicing machine can go along way to staying with it in the long term. But what should you look for when getting your first juicer?

Top Considerations When Selecting a Juicer

While it can be easy to decide to hop on the juicing bandwagon, it can be the opposite when it’s time to selecting the right juicer to use. The market is filled with plenty of juicers but not all of them are great. As you start reading juicer reviews, you can easily get overwhelmed by the many features as well as advantages and disadvantages of each juicer. Although such points are necessary, you have to consider some things when selecting a juicer.

How Much Time Do you Have for Juicing?

A lot of people just go into juicing without considering that the process can take time. If you can devote a minimum of half an hour to juice, then you can consider getting a twin gear juicer or masticating juicer. If you only have at least fifteen minutes to prepare, juice and clean then you need a centrifugal or manual juicer because this operates quickly and can be cleaned easily. Additionally, if you wish to juice a whole lot for the coming days, you can consider a triturating or masticating juicer as this provides better time value.

What Do you Want to Juice?

Majority of available juicers today pretty much juice everything. Twin or triturating juicers are great to handle a variety of vegetables and fruits. Such juicers are powerful, use twin gear rotating inwards and interlock to crush all produce between them into pulps. This juicer is best for a produce’s most tough part like watermelon rinds, guava seeds and pineapple cores. But if you want to juice a narrow vegetable and fruit range, this kind of juicer can overkill. Moreover, a manual or masticating juicer is best if you wish to juice leafy greens while a centrifugal juicer should be your choice for juicing soft fruits.

Are Drinking It All In One Sitting?

Although this may sound silly but this is quite relevant in terms of choosing a juicer. Every juicer is made different at least when it come to their ability to preserve the nutrients in fresh produce. Usually, centrifugal juicers provide some friction and heat during the juicing process that result in oxidation compromising the juice’s freshness. If you are making your juice using this juicer, you need to consume it immediately. Meanwhile, a triturating (twin gear) or masticating (single gear) juicer is the best pick when juicing plenty on a day and storing juice for consumption at a later time.

Juice Extractor Features

In terms of buying a juicer, you must take into account some details.

Noise– Consider the time you will juice your produce. Are you living with some people who have sensitivity to such noise? Centrifugal machines are made with fast spinning motors making them noisy when running, and yes, juicers can even wake the neighbors. Masticating juicers are going to be a lot quieter as they run at lower speeds.

Durability– If you want a permanent juicer, try to pick those that come with longer warranties. Also, the presence of a motor can help in assessing the durability of a juicer. Those with motors tend to run at high speeds which can heat them up and contribute to their wear and tear.

Price – This is always a concern and a typical juicer that will perform for you for years and deliver exceptional quality juice will cost between $100 and $500. Masticating juicers tend to be more expensive, so if you want to save a few bucks go for a centrifugal machine.

Juice Yield – Centrifugal juicers are more convenient, but they do produce as high of juice yield as masticating models. For maximum juice extraction, you are better served with a masticating juicer.

Reviews and Ratings

Fortunately there are many high quality juicing machines to choose from in all shapes and sizes, so you should be able to find something that will be perfect for your juicing needs. It will just take a little research. We like and recommend the juicer reviews at Neighborhood America as they go into the best rated juicing machines and rate them by owner satisfaction.

Some of the top juicers for 2018 include the Omega NC800, Breville 800JEXL, Kuvings B6000, and the Breville JE98XL. We personally bought the Breville 800JEXL for its power and speed, but in our kitchen we need something fast with it being so hectic. We were also interested in one of the Omega masticating juicers and this will probably be something we end up getting in the future when things slow down for us. Now, we are just happy to have one of these to help us keep our diet in check. Now let’s get back to making some ice cream!