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Can someone pass the milk please?

By Ms.Gourmet on March 1, 2009 8:31 AM
I was flicking through a magazine the other day and came across a gorgeous photograph of some of Alyssa Ettinger's iconic porcelain bottles from her 'Milk Collection'. Seeing these bottles reminded me of my childhood as we use to get our milk delivered directly to our door in one litre glass bottles. My siblings and I used to fight over who got the cream at the top of the bottle as our morning Milo tasted so much better if it came with a dollop of fresh cream. *Sigh* - I am getting old!



Sunday is a day of rest but there is always Aquapura

By Ms.Gourmet on February 22, 2009 8:43 AM
Sunday is a day of rest, but I'm day dreaming - yet again! And this time I found myself dreaming about these gorgeous Villas in Portugal. Hence, the Aquapura Villas are set amongst the inimitable landscape and stunning vineyards of the Douro Valley, which has been designated as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.


Aquapura prides itself on three basic elements: exclusivity, authenticity and excellence. Each Villa is a perfect blend of ultra modern design and traditional, organic objet trouvés. Why not I stop here and you go have a look for yourself?




Sunday is a day of rest but there are always busy Bees

By Ms.Gourmet on February 15, 2009 9:13 AM
Sunday is a day of rest, but there are still a few busy bees about. Here are some stunning little 'sweethearts' for you kitchen from Sandra Bonazoli and Jim Dowd from Beehive Kitchenware.


Their products 'employ traditional elements of function and design in new and unexpected ways, playfully integrating distinctive details to make their products as unique as your favourite recipe'. Do take the time to check out their gorgeous wares which are available to purchase though their online store.


I hope you had a lovely Valentine's Day yesterday with the 'one' you love.

Sunday is a day of rest... but there is always fresh dates and fragrant milk

By Ms.Gourmet on February 8, 2009 9:04 AM
Sunday is a day of rest but, Valentines Day is next Saturday so you better get moving. Here are a couple of dream destinations that might just take your fancy!


On the eastern shore of the Bosphorus stands the former 19th century governors mansion which has been newly renovated and thus transformed into the A'jia Hotel. This boutique hotel boasts dramatic water views and romantic terrace dinning.  Perfect for a romantic weekend get away due to its secluded location the A'jia hotel is approximately forty minutes from the city centre. The A'jias impressive interior and tranquil atmosphere is an ideal Valentine's Day rendezvous.


If Istanbul is not your thing then what about a Riad in Morocco?  Hence, the Riad Maison Bleue is a 19th Century house that formerly belonged to an eminent judge and professor of theology. Lavishly restored it consists of three interconnecting courtyards. Boasting thirteen lush rooms, opulent spa, smoking salon and restaurant the Riad Maison Bleue is an ideal romantic retreat.

There is a dazzling Adalucian patio with an equally impressive pool where you are greeted on arrival with fresh dates and a bowl of fragrant milk. The furnishing is an eclectic blend of specially designed modern pieces with rare antiques which 'work together in fashionable harmony'.  With over thirty members of staff to cater to your every whim the Riad Maison Bleue is not only and ideal Valentines destination but also a unique taste of Moroccan living.



Sunday is a day of rest... but there is always Santorini

By Ms.Gourmet on February 1, 2009 9:02 AM
Sunday is a day of rest, but one is still able to window shop or day dream and boy have I been day dreaming this week! With the freakish hot weather in Melbourne of late I have spent the better part of this week couped up inside never too far from my trusty aircon. And so, my mind did wander all the way to Santorini - to the Mystique Hotel to be precise.


The Mystique hotel is built on the most famous cliffs of Oia with panoramic views of some of the world's most outstanding scenery, boasting unhindered views of the Aegean Sea. This sumptuous five star hotel is a member of the Luxury Collection of the Starwood Hotel and Resort chain and is thus reserved for exclusive travellers and the most ardent of day dreamers!


Sunday is a day of rest, but there is always Ici et la

By Ms.Gourmet on January 25, 2009 10:38 PM
Sunday is a day of rest, but one is still able to window shop or better still lounge around on a gorgeous deck chair from Ici et la. Situated in Surry Hills, Sydney, Ici et la is always high on my 'to do' list when there. It's like stepping into a little piece of France as the store is filled with gorgeous 19th century garden furniture, striking industrial pieces and quirky objet de charme for the kitchen and home.


Famed for their huge range of old and new upholstery fabrics, linens and French striped canvas deckchairs, Ice et la has since expanded and now have stores in Brisbane and Perth. Do take the time to have a look as there are shipments arriving from France on a continual basis and their range is ever-changing. Oh and the good new is they now have an online shop!

Sunday is a day of rest... but there is always Côté Bastide

By Ms.Gourmet on January 11, 2009 11:43 AM
Sunday is a day of rest, but one is still able to window shop. Here are just a few items from one of my favourite French brands Côté Bastide. Hence, Côté Bastide draws it's inspiration from forgotten lessons in an attempt to 'reawaken our dormant senses' so to 'remind us of the simple pleasures in life'.


Their kitchen range includes glazed ceramics, exquisite table and pantry linen, stunning glassware and various other gorgeous accessories. Thus, Côté Bastide rediscovers life's daily pleasures 'to be enjoyed, shared and never to be forgotten'.

Sunday is a day of rest... but there are always Dinosaurs

By Ms.Gourmet on January 4, 2009 7:34 PM
Sunday is a day of rest, but one is still able to window shop. Here are some stunningly bright resin pieces 'hand made with love' from one of my favourite Australian design teams (Olsen, Ormandy & Rossler) aka Dinosaur Designs. Fret not if you are unable to get to one of their stores in person as they now have an online store on their website.

Calder 2007

Mother Nature


Sunday is a day of rest but...

By Ms.Gourmet on December 28, 2008 9:23 AM
Sunday is a day of rest, but one is still able to window shop. Here are some nice things for your table from one of my favourite design houses in Scandinavia - Iittala. Not only do they make beautiful things to eat, drink and cook with, but also believe in designing and crafting things that will last a lifetime. Hence, the growing movement 'against throwawayism'.

Tris Tealight Holder - Alfredo Häberli 2005
Origo - Alfredo Häberli 1999

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