My Tiny Chef turns Six

By Ms.Gourmet on April 5, 2011 10:31 PM

On Saturday our baby girl turned six, yes you heard correctly, I said S-I-X!

This year Lucia wanted a cooking party. Ho, hum I wonder where that idea came from? Since we're in the process of renovating our old Victorian terrace which currently looks like a garage sale in a Middle Eastern war zone, I decided that it was probably best that we host her little cooking soiree at The Tiny Chef.

As you can see the tiny chefs had a wonderful time and thoroughly enjoyed mixing, stirring, rolling, baking, icing, decorating, eating, dancing and then some.

Hence, if you're at a loss as to what to do for your child's next birthday, then may I suggest you contact The Tiny Chef? The staff are friendly and professional and the space is both efficient and impressive. Also, their understanding and ability to cater to the needs of children with allergies is commendable.

dante_cupcakes.jpgBaby girl, if you happen to stumble across mama's blog in the years to come and find this post, know that as each day passes I marvel at all that you are. Your whimsical manner, depth of compassion, your contagious laughter and joyous spirit has changed our lives. You have given great meaning to life's journey and because of you I am a better person.


Oh and on a completely separate note here's the link to that interview I did with SBS radio yesterday.

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